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The Future is Digital

The newest concept in the denture process is digital dentures. They differ from conventional dentures in how they are processed, the material used, and most notably, turnaround time.

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What are Digital Dentures?

Digital dentures and conventional dentures from MyBite produce the same result: high-quality, comfortable, and well-fitting dentures. However, because the digital denture process is automated and streamlined, they take less time than the conventional denture process.

A digital impression of your mouth is taken using CAD/CAM technology. Using these digital images, 3-D renderings of a denture are created based on 26 specific anatomical landmarks captured in the impression. Then using CAE (computer-aided engineering), the dentures are fabricated to these precise standards.

Digital dentures bypass many manual processes. These include taking plaster or gel teeth impressions, designing and shaping the prosthesis by hand, and undertaking a series of manual adjustments and fittings.

Benefits of Digital Dentures

The benefits of digital dentures are many and include:

The conventional denture process typically requires 5 or more dental appointments before delivery of a patient’s final dentures. This can be extremely time-consuming for our busy patients. With digital dentures, only 2 visits are required before final denture delivery, significantly cutting down on multiple appointment times.

Digital dentures offer computerized precision for an exceptional fit resulting in extremely durable, secure dentures.

Digital dentures are crafted from a solid block of cured resin. This makes them stronger and less likely to distort or shrink over time. They have stronger suction, a more comfortable fit, and greater aesthetic accuracy for a more natural-looking smile.

All patient information needed to design an accurate, comfortable, and well-fitting denture is captured in one visit and stored in a digital format. This permanent digital record is maintained so that if your denture is lost or broken, a replacement can easily be made.

Like conventional dentures, the ideal candidate for digital dentures is any adult who has experienced significant tooth loss and still has a sufficient amount of healthy gum tissue and jawbone.

Digital Denture Process

The process of digital dentures not only shortens the time of the denture process, but ensures a better fit, aesthetic accuracy, and comfort level.

The entire process is typically less than 90 minutes and includes the following steps:

During your first visit, your denturist will use a 3D scanner to take digital impressions of your bite. Using these digital files, a digital prototype is created using specialized computer software. Once we have finalized your denture using this computer technology, a prototype of your denture is digitally printed.

During your second appointment, the 3D printed prototype denture is fitted in your mouth and closely evaluated to ensure that the fit is accurate and precise. Your ability to speak and chew and the overall comfort level of your new denture is verified, and any necessary adjustments are made. Once you are 100% comfortable with the fit of the prototype, your final denture prosthetic is then made.

At your third appointment, your digital denture is complete and is ready to be fit. Because the fit of your digital prototype was verified before the final denture was made, the fit of your permanent digital denture will be stable and comfortable, and often only minor adjustments are needed.

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