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How to Improve the Comfort of Your Dentures

woman in blue shirt touching face and feeling comfortable in her dentures

There’s a fine line between becoming one with your dentures or feeling like they’re a foreign object sliding around in your mouth. Like wearing any new prosthetic, getting used to dentures takes some time and the right know-how. Eating, talking, singing, and laughing all make daily life worthwhile. Solving denture discomfort will allow you not […]

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Removable vs. Non-Removable Denture Implants: Which Is Right for You?

Implants, What are They? Dental implants are a solution to missing teeth as they can replace missing roots and support artificial teeth. The artificial root is a titanium screw that is inserted into the jawbone that can securely support artificial teeth or dentures. Implants can be beneficial for the structure of your mouth and jaw […]

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The Word of Mouth on Dentures: How do They Differ?

According to the U.S. Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS), 41.23 million Americans used dentures in 2019. As a denturist, that tells me that a large subsection of the population is either partially or fully edentulous, meaning without teeth. And those people are likely looking for an effective and viable tooth replacement solution.  […]

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Denture Cleaners: What to Look For & What to Avoid

Dentures are teeth replacements for individuals that have missing teeth or none at all. Sometimes poor oral health, accidents, or disease can cause tooth loss, so your dentist may recommend dentures to replace the missing teeth. Without dentures or other tooth replacements, if you have remaining teeth, they may shift out of line. What Are […]

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