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Denture Costs and Financing

Denture Costs and Financing

The cost of dentures varies for each individual person, as no two mouths are alike.

This section provides information about what treatments are included in each of our MyBite solutions and the price ranges for each. We have also provided information about our dental financing options.
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About Costs & Financing

Denture Costs and Financing

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

The cost of dentures reflect the quality of the materials (teeth and acrylic), the technology being used (digital or analog) to fabricate the dentures, and additionally the time it takes to fit them properly in your mouth by an experienced denture specialist.

Why Such Differences in The Cost of Dentures?

Lower cost denture solutions typically are made with inferior products and materials. Cheaply made dentures are very basic appliances you use whether they fit or not. Higher cost dentures include higher grade materials, custom enhancements, and adjustments so you do not suffer mouth sores, loosening of teeth, or other annoyances. Higher quality dentures also include ongoing services, denture care and an extended warranty to ensure you maintain a higher quality of life.

The Cost of Dentures & Partial Dentures

The cost of standard and partial dentures is considered low on the MyBite denture price guide. Although the price is low, we always provide dentures of the highest quality and latest proven technology to our clients.

MyBite Solution 1: Complete Denture Cost

The cost of dentures vary depending on the style and solution chosen by the patient. Dentures have a beginning price and the cost increases accordingly. For more information about our denture prices and to speak to a denturist about your options, please book a free consultation with MyBite Calgary today.

Standard Economy Denture Cost

Fabricated from quality materials at a low price, our economy denture is the most economical way to obtain a full set of dentures. We process these dentures at our on-site labs and custom fit the shape of your mouth.

Complex Premium Denture Cost

Our complex premium denture is specifically designed to fit an active lifestyle and offers ultimate fit and comfort. Our signature premium fit affords enhanced comfort and stability, along with a natural appearance.

Dentogenic (Boutique) Denture Cost

While Standard dentures work for many of our clients, our Dentogenic dentures offer the highest level of impact, wear and stain resistance with custom professional upgrades. In addition to exceptional wear and tear, Dentogenic dentures offer the highest quality natural tooth appearance which seamlessly matches your individual characteristics to enhance your smile.

The Cost of Dental Implants

When it comes to the cost of dental implants, which are utilized for more advanced permanent dentures, the price range is even greater than standard denture prices. Fixed dentures and implants are more involved medical treatments, which require a larger team of dental professionals. Dental implants also require higher quality materials. Titanium, porcelain, and advanced fabrication methods are used by MyBite to ensure our clients receive the most comfortable and natural looking smile. We source advanced methods and components from some of the most reputable medical and dental manufacturers in the world. For these reasons, the cost of dental implants is higher, but the outcome is a longer lasting, natural looking, and quality of life is better overall.

Why Do Dental Implants Cost More?

We provide advanced implant solutions to clients every day in Calgary. Our dental implant specialists are experts in many different types of dental implants and denture solutions. We use ethical transparent pricing to keep the cost low relative to the quality of our service. It is also important to remember that although we can often supply amazing dentures in one day, the overall medical care of any new implant solution MUST include a series of visits to MyBite.

Approximate Dental Implant Cost

Because no two mouths are alike, dental implant therapy can range dramatically in price. Please contact us to book a complimentary consultation to evaluate which solution is right for you and to discuss the custom price for these options.

MyBite Solution 2: Snap-On Removable Teeth

The cost of dental implants with a snap-on removable overdenture is considered mid-level on the MyBite price guide. This includes non-permanent dental bridge solutions.

MyBite Solution 3: Complete Dental Bridge On Implants

The cost of a full set of upper and lower dental implants with the best quality solution is considered mid to high on the MyBite price guide. Permanent dentures cost more than other options because they offer the most realistic teeth possible and require a more technical procedure for placement and follow up.

Denture Financing Options

MyBite offers two financing options for all of our MyBite solutions.

Dentoplan Financing offers solutions starting as low as $66/month*. MyBite works closely with DentoPlan to provide our clients with financing options to best suit their needs. Dentoplan offers 1 to 10 year dental financing terms for our clients. The financing rate will vary based on the length of the term, total cost of treatment, and your personal payment preference.

Accord D Desjardins Financing has solutions to make it possible to offer our customers flexible payment methods. They provide multiple financing plans and their interest rates are among the best in the market. For example, one of the offers provided is 12 Months, Interest Free with Equal Monthly Payments. The balance may be paid in full, at any time, without penalty. Customers receive a detailed monthly account statement (paper and/or electronic) listing transactions as well as the payment due date.

Teeth Whitening Cost

The cost of teeth whitening is higher in professional offices because it is much faster and far more effective than the low-cost teeth bleaching treatments done at home.

Zoom! Whitening Cost

Zoom! Whitening is a patented treatment that guarantees your teeth will be up to 8 times whiter in just 45 minutes. Zoom Whitening costs start from $139 to $250 per arch.

Iveri Teeth Whitening Cost

Iveri Whitening guarantees that your teeth will be whitened by 2-8 shades in just one or two twenty-minute treatments. Iveri Whitening is often a better solution for those individuals who have more sensitive teeth. Iveri Whitening costs start from $139 to $250 per arch.

Financial & Payment Information

Before any treatment, you will received a treatment plan which will include a breakdown of all applicable fees, and we will inform you of all costs before treatment is administered. 
Charges are payable at the time of treatment.
We accept the following forms of payment:

Cash, Credit, or Check

We try to make it easy and convenient to fit dental care into your budget. For your convenience, we accept cash, check, and most major cards, including VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®.

CreditCare Financing®

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that allows you to pay for treatments and procedures for you and your family right away and then make convenient monthly payments. CareCredit makes it easier for you to pay for the treatments and procedures you want, when you want them. For more information visit

*Subject to Credit Approval

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