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How to Choose a Denture Brush

Denture in glass of water and toothbrush on white background

Whether you have complete dentures or partial dentures, keeping them clean is paramount to maintaining their longevity and keeping your oral hygiene at its best. What Is a Denture Brush? A denture brush is used for cleaning and polishing teeth replacements. It’s specially designed to reach the nooks and crannies of your teeth replacements—you know, […]

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What is Denture Stomatitis?

Dentures being cleaned with a toothbrush with dental instruments on the side.

Whether you have a set of complete dentures or partial dentures, taking proper care of your dentures is important in maintaining strong oral health. If not maintained, you are at risk of developing denture stomatitis, an infection to which all denture wearers are prone.  But what exactly is denture stomatitis?  Denture stomatitis is the inflammation […]

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How to Improve the Comfort of Your Dentures

woman in blue shirt touching face and feeling comfortable in her dentures

There’s a fine line between becoming one with your dentures or feeling like they’re a foreign object sliding around in your mouth. Like wearing any new prosthetic, getting used to dentures takes some time and the right know-how. Eating, talking, singing, and laughing all make daily life worthwhile. Solving denture discomfort will allow you not […]

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Denture Cleaners: What to Look For & What to Avoid

Dentures are teeth replacements for individuals that have missing teeth or none at all. Sometimes poor oral health, accidents, or disease can cause tooth loss, so your dentist may recommend dentures to replace the missing teeth. Without dentures or other tooth replacements, if you have remaining teeth, they may shift out of line. What Are […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Denture Adhesive

What Is Denture Adhesive? Denture adhesive is a dental product applied to the underside of dentures to provide a close-fitting no-slip grip between the dentures and gums as they are worn. The adhesive reduces movement in the mouth and allows you extra security when wearing dentures, keeping them in place. Denture adhesive may not be […]

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Why Do My Dentures Smell? How to Prevent Denture Breath

Just like natural teeth, dentures can be prone to bad smells. With the proper care, however, you can help prevent unpleasant denture smells. Proper denture hygiene is the best way to keep your dentures and breath smelling fresh. What Causes Denture Smells? Our mouths are the perfect home for bacteria, and dentures can create even […]

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Rotten Teeth: Signs, Symptoms, & Solutions

Rotten teeth are not just unattractive; they can also lead to serious dental problems. Untreated tooth decay can lead to cavities, which become larger and affect deeper layers of your teeth. This can lead to severe toothaches, gum disease, infections, and even tooth loss. What Causes Tooth Decay Tooth decay is caused by dental plaque, […]

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