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Getting your Calgary Dentures & Implants from MyBite®.ca is a clear choice. We help patients EVERY DAY with a range of solutions from simple conventional replacement dentures all the way to life-changing PERMANENT FIXED TEETH. You won’t believe how good it feels to get your bite back. Providing the latest methods & technologies to Albertans every day allows us to focus on quality while lowering costs through efficiency. Who are you going to call?

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MyBite®.ca is a denture solution program that trains dentists and dental surgeons to it’s own quality standards. When you want the best, depend on MyBite®.ca Denture Solutions.
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Did you know that some advanced permanent fixed teeth solutions can sometimes be completed in ONE DAY. Talk about turning back the clock to youth FAST!

About MyBite®.ca Denture SolutionsCalgary Dentures 

Traditional denture wearers have a common experience. They have lost all or some of their teeth and are forced to wear prosthesis in their mouth for basic life functions such as talking and eating. However, for a host of reasons, traditional dentures are very uncomfortable and impact emotional and physical well being.

MyBite® is the solution for traditional denture wearers. Our service provides patients with the latest denture stabilization techniques that include implant dentures technologies that clip or screw permanent teeth into their existing jaw bone. We provide solutions for any budget and provide access to dental financing. Patients are tended by trusted denturists like Wade Klimpke DD. Everything patients need to enjoy having teeth again is available from one uncomplicated source at a no-nonsense denture prices.

On the journey to a new bite, the patient will meet the treatment coordinator, part of the team, who will guide them through the clinical process all the way to surgery and beyond. The patient will soon have new bionic teeth in a few short steps, sometimes in just one day.

The end of the clinical process is the start of a new youthful life. Patients feel better emotionally and can re-engage important life functions. Patients are ecstatic, MyBite® staff are proud to help, and referrals and reputation grow.

We now have a trusted MyBite®.ca Denture Solution office near you in Calgary. We have a Calgary dentures N location, a Calgary dentures W location and a new Calgary South location. You will find implant technologies supplied by companies like Nobel Biocare. You will also find financing solutions that allow you to afford the latest in treatment and move forward toward a life changing experience.

Providing advanced Calgary dentures every day. That’s all we do.

Many people who have lost teeth are afraid of getting dentures. They have always heard that dentures are uncomfortable and a nuisance, even if dentures do make chewing food easier. Here at our MyBite® Calgary denture clinics, we have options to make your experience with dentures better than you thought possible. If you already have dentures and are looking for a different solution, come have a consultation with Denturist Wade Klimpke DD & his associates. With years of experience, he’s got the expertise and the practical experience that comes from treating thousands of patients.

We specialize in these denture services: Teeth In A Day, Implant Dentures, Conventional Dentures, and personalized implant denture solutions using the latest proven technology.

Being focused on denture solutions allows us to gear our entire operation to provide better patient service. Forget waiting rooms and late dentists. MyBite®.ca takes ultimate care of the denture patient every step along the way. We are your Calgary dentures primary option.